Week One 

Saturday was my first day at Gallup for GET HIP. Most of the stuff I learned today was review from computer programming class, but it was surely a good refresher. Apparently, starting this blog was a pretty good idea, because it’s actually an assignment to have a blog!

1. How did you find out about the program?

I heard about the Gallup GET HIP program from a close friend, who has gone through the program. However, there was also an informational session, held by Jodi Kennedy at Marian High School, which really gave me that last push to apply.

2. What did you learn on the first day?

This weekend, I learned the basics of html and how to make a personal website.

3. Top 5

1. Includer

2. Positivity

3. Achiever

4. Discipline

5. Learner

Well, that all that I had to do for this post, sorry for the shortness. Overall, I found the first day an amazing experience. Once a new concept was introduced, everybody was given a chance to work at it and finally get the hang of it. Props to my professors and the team leaders, everything went smoothly.


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